Issue 6 Is Here!

Issue 6 is here in digital and paper! What’s inside? Here, let us enlighten you…

Six issues in and we’re brimming over with ideas for new and invigorating features and layouts. Viva la Revolution, good folk of tattoo land! Grab a shiny spoon and tuck in to the delights of April’s edition…

One of Russia’s best kept secrets, Katerina Mikky Volkova is an artist of quite extraordinary capabilities and we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with the lady herself.

More Australian stylings come courtesy of Dean Kalcoff, an exciting young tattooist who has already established himself as a strong portrait artist but is now branching out into new territory.

Gabriel Cece, Tanane Whitfield and the cast of Studio EvoLve light up our pages with personalities as colourful and intriguing as the tattoos they create, and our journey inside the Virginia Beach parlour proves to be a special one.

One of tattooing’s intrepid explorers, Victor Policheri rarely receives the credit of which he is so deserving. We managed to capture his thoughts as he plans yet another trek to take his tattoo armoury to every possible corner of the globe!

We explore the nature of women’s representation in the tattoo world, delve into the myths and mysteries surrounding laser tattoo removal, Michael Rose renders a portrait using his airbrush for our tutorial, and full coverage comes from the inaugural Scottish Tattoo Convention and the second instalment of the Essex Tattoo Expo.

Hold the bus, there’s more! Chris Wroblewski discusses his new publication, Swallow Tattoo Studio, and the rich heritage that surrounds it, and we’ve another spellbinding Spotlight On… with a smattering of artists attending the North Lakes Tattoo Show this month.

As usual, there are the regulars in the form of Tattoo Talk, The Apprentice Diaries and Dermal Diary for your enjoyment, plus an editorial battle that asks: have tattoo reality shows been of benefit or hindrance to the tattoo world?

Viva punk rock spirit!