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Tattoo Revolution Magazine Issue 5 – March 2011

We’ve had some incredible feedback about our recent run of cover selections, so we wondered how we could raise the bar that little bit further. Enter Shawn Barber, one of the finest multimedia artists in the world today with his portrait of Jo Harrison. We’re blown away at being able to use Shawn’s art on the cover, and we hope that you find it as pleasing to the eye as we do.

Speaking of the man himself, we’ve a full feature on Shawn Barber and document his transition from canvas to skin as he brings his formidable talents into the tattoo world.

If sumptuous and hyper-realistic colour tattooing of Grecian grandeur floats your boat, then we hope the work of George Mavridis is to your liking. He’s travelled the world (perhaps too, the seven seas) and is a generous and humble man with a lot of time to spare for artists and collectors alike.

Martin Couley is one of England’s premier portrait artists and at the age of just 24 has established a sterling reputation for colour and black and grey renditions of myriad subjects. We’ve always found him to be a great character and raconteur, and this interview was a pleasure to conduct from start to finish.

Whilst in the land of Oz, we caught up with Rose Hardy, neo-traditionalist extraordinaire. She conjures up distinctive women that ooze class and sophistication and applies her tattoos with a finish that borders on gleaming. She’s a dab hand with pottery adornment, too…

Our collector for this issue is Mikey, guitarist with the mighty Skindred, and he regales us with the rock ‘n’ roll shenanigans that have been documented upon his skin.

Alexa MacDermot presents a thought-provoking article on the permanence of tattooing in the modern age and poses a few intriguing questions, Eternal Tattoo’s Ruth takes us through her graphite portraiture techniques in March’s tutorial (with some help from her dad), and full coverage comes from the 10th Manchester International Tattoo Show and Melbourne’s Rites of Passage Festival.

Wait, there’s more! Maki talks Buddhist symbology and Horiyoshi III’s formidable influence in this month’s book review (Japanese Buddhism x Horiyoshi III), and we’ve a spectacular Spotlight On… a handful of the brilliant artists working The Scottish Tattoo Show on March 26th – 27th in Edinburgh.

As usual, there are the standards of Tattoo Talk, The Apprentice Diaries and Dermal Diary to educate and invigorate, plus a fresh editorial battle! This month’s topic: has lasering been a welcome addition to tattooing?

Revolution is our name!


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