TRM Readers: We Want Your Views!

As I write this, I’m tackling a very tricky subject that’s fraught with contrasting views and perspectives that can clash spectacularly. I’m working on an article that explores the representation of women in the tattoo world and I’d like to hear from you, the intelligent and articulate people who read tattoo publications. I’ve narrowed down my pondering to a set of specific questions for people to mull over and if you’d like to let me know your thoughts, they’ll feature in an article that will appear in Tattoo Revolution very soon. It’d be fantastic to hear from you, as Neil and I place great value upon your feedback in all areas of the magazine.

So, here we go:

a) I’d like to take a look at the way women are portrayed in the tattoo world and discuss whether they are considered equal to their male counterparts. Do you feel that men and women have a level playing field?

b) How do you perceive the tattooed pin-up genre? Is it a positive or negative element in the tattoo community?

c) The question of whether sex sells in tattooing. Are we (as a creative community) as susceptible to the age-old trick of beauty pushing a product as any other demographic? Would you/have you/do you buy a product because of the sexual imagery it uses, or even in spite of said imagery?

You can either reply to the blog, send them through Facebook or drop me an email to

Much TRM love and many thanks in advance,


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  1. Hey Alex- this is really cool! I’ll stick this up on Tattoosday UK for you too man 🙂

    Right, here goes…

    a) I’d love to think that men and women are treated equally, but I think sometimes they really aren’t. I know one of my female tattooist friends has had customers assume she’s the receptionist, for instance. I think as well, if you’re looking for an apprenticeship, you’re more likely to get one with a tattooist who you have stuff in common with who likes you, meaning if you’re a real girly girl, you might have more trouble making a lot of mates in tattooing when so many artists are male! To be honest though, I feel like it goes both ways- sometimes people seem to really prefer having a female tattooist, especially when they’re a girl- as if male tattooists are all perverts or something!

    b) I think there are two types of alternative models out there- there are the lovely classy pin up style models, who do a great job with what they do, and there are really trashy girls who think that since they have tattoos they just have to get their tits out and they’ll make money. The classy girls are great, but the others just make me feel like certain people probably assume I’m a total slag because I have tattoos. When you’re out on a Saturday night with non-tattooed mates, and it’s always you having to punch perverts in the face, it does make you wonder if it’s because of certain magazines on the shelves which put that image out there.

    c) Personally, if something’s wrapped up in sexual imagery and looks really trashy, I avoid it. I don’t think any tattooist, supplier, magazine or business relating to tattoos who is worth their salt would have to resort to that, good work should speak for itself. As a community, I’ve seen a lot of people complain about it before, saying that there is no way tattooing and sex are the same, which of course it isn’t! It’s just pointless crap which many inferior people see as an excuse to hock a load of junk.

    My answers are probably rubbish, and it should probably be noted I’ve only been around tattooing for three years and I don’t tattoo myself, so everyone else might totally disagree!

    Mel x

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