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Booking a hotel for a weekend of tattoo delights can often be a tiresome task, but help is now at hand! allows you to enter the dates of your planned visit to a convention and seeks out hotels in the vicinity, all organised and arranged in a timely manner. Pay them a visit now and get your convention travels in order!

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  1. Why do you need a site just for tattoos?

    Hotels are hotels dood. There’s a million sites out there. Looks like an advert to me, maybe you should say when you’re advertising something so obviously to make money. It links through to sletoh (hotels backwards)

    Or how about you just book direct with a hotel where its always the cheapest and noones taking their cut?

    • Hi John,

      We aren’t endorsing anything; we’re simply passing on information about a service that’s available to people heading off to conventions and looking for somewhere to stay. 🙂

      • Good reporting there then! 🙂 Because people have struggled to find hotels for conventions lol.
        I’d understand if it were a special listing of hotels were everyone is staying for each convention so you’re in good company. But this is no better than any other comparison site, because it is, just another comparison site. You’ve been had dood. Like i say, you’ll be better off booking direct.

  2. I’m afraid I don’t really get your point, John! It’s a service relating to the tattoo world and therefore it gets a mention here because some people may find it useful and/or interesting, the same as when we mention any other miscellaneous products or services related to tattooing. 🙂

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