Tattoo Revolution Magazine Issue 4

Our beloved publication is available right now in digital so we’d best give you a commentary on what’s in the bag!

Tattoo Revolution Magazine Issue 4 – February 2011

After the Siberian weather conditions that plagued January, we’re pleased to see that the days are both warming up and lengthening. Bad news if you’re a hot-blooded thief who operates in the dark, but for the rest of us it’s all good. Anyway, let’s dive into the banquet bestowed upon us with issue 4 of Tattoo Revolution Magazine…

We travel to Indigo Tattoo in order to catch up with Paul Naylor and Lisa Toye as they introduce us to a world of sumptuous black and grey and delightful colour tattooing, along with a special edition of The Apprentice Diaries from Paul’s apprentice, Steph. As award winning studios come, they don’t get much more friendly and inviting than this and the work they produce is absolutely sublime.

Mat Lapping and Andy Walker have worked together for years, with Andy learning the craft of tattooing from Mat. Now they’re creating some of the UK’s finest new school tattoos from their base in Hull, aptly named Creative Vandals. We discover how the relationship between a master and his student matures and alters as both progress.

We found an American in Sheffield and felt compelled to ask him what he was doing there! Jim Miner is based at Analog Tattoo in San Jose and is a master at turning out beautiful tattoos with an “extra layer of finesse” that grant him an inimitable style. A keen painter and musician, he’s also got his eye set keenly on the PGA Senior Tour…

A man who’s as comfortable with a monochrome palette as one drenched in colour, Second Skin’s Tim Croke welcomed us into his Derby studio for a chinwag about all things good and great in the wonderful world of tattooing.

Obscure pastel tones and sweeping colours abound, Sweet Laraine is a Texan tattoo artist who has blown many people’s minds with her uncompromising approach to decadent colour tattooing. We caught up with her to talk blood work, babies and the curse of the reality television shows.

If sinister and dark tattooing raises your anchor, Tommy Lee Wendtner is your man. His eerie depictions of monsters and demons are simultaneously hypnotising and terrifying, and he reveals one or two dark secrets of his own as he was interviewed in the German town of Worms. Spooky, huh?
Alexa MacDermot joins us for a look at how tattooing has altered in recent years and the ways that it has remained the same, and a receptionist explains how days spent behind a studio desk can play havoc with your shopping trips.

American tattooist Canman splashes his vivid acrylics across our tutorial pages, full coverage comes from the incredible Brighton Tattoo Convention and Australia’s Surf ‘n’ Ink on the Gold Coast, Mo Coppoletta discusses one of our favourite new books in Tattooed By The Family Business, and then there are the visual delights of Tattoo Theatre.

As usual, there are also the staples of Tattoo Talk, Ink Drops and Dermal Diary to entertain and inform, plus we bring you the second instalment of the editorial battle! This month’s topic: should tattoo equipment be available to the general public? We’re not shying away from any subject!

Viva la revolution!

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