Tattoo Revolution Issue 3

It’s scheduled to land tomorrow, and we can’t wait to ship this one out to you all! Subscribers will receive their copies soon. If you aren’t a subscriber, head HERE to bag your copy and show us some love. So, onto the business of blogging, and blogging is good…

Tattoo Revolution Magazine Issue 3 – January 2011

Welcome to a new decade, dear readers, and may we wish you all health and wealth (both spiritual and fiscal) for 2011 and beyond. Following the festive hiatus, we’re back to the business of producing an outstanding tattoo publication that features the cream of dermal décor from every nook and cranny we can explore…and we’ve come up trumps yet again with issue 3.

Jayne Doe Tattoo Studio is home to Tiny Miss Becca, Sam Ricketts and Simon Erl, all of whom put their own spin on neo-traditional stylings from a beautiful parlour in Essex. They’ve plenty of outstanding work to display as they discuss the road they’ve traversed thus far in the world of tattooing.

If strong illustrative tattooing with a dynamic edge piques your interest, then let us introduce you to Rachi Brains, one of the greatest Antipodean exports since Neighbours. Her tattoos are flawless, powerful and beautifully constructed, so in our best Yoda voice: “excited, we are”.

From a land of ice and snow (otherwise known as Sweden) hails Peter Lagergren, yet another phenomenal talent who produces crisp and clean tattoos that border on the sublime. He may be rooted in traditional sensibilities, but his broad palette and idiosyncratic composition sets him apart as an exemplary tattoo artist.

Phil Cummins & Ferank Manseed bring a time-honoured approach to their hand-crafted tattoos, and as keen advocates of a spiritual approach to the act of marking one’s body, they provide a fascinating insight into methods of tattooing that are becoming increasingly rare.

Martin Poole talks facial tattooing and the painstaking lengths he goes to with his hand tattooing, Greg “Craola” Simkins unveils a selection of his wonderful and surreal paintings, and a day with The Third Mind Art Collective is unveiled.

We step back in time with Old Albert from Skeggy, explore the effect of the content of our tattoos on others, and take a trip to Derby for this month’s instalment of The Apprentice Diaries.

Kara Kastanada introduces a superb tutorial on the delicate methodology of her drawings, full coverage comes from the East Coast Tattoo Expo and the Dublin Convention, we speak to Lars Krutak about his book that documents the tattoos of the Kalinga people, and we bring you the dermal delights of our Tattoo Theatre.

As usual, there’s also the delights of Tattoo Talk and Dermal Diary to tie it all together….plus, we feature our very first editorial battle! This month’s topic: should there be a minimum artistic standard in tattooing?

Viva la revolution, good folk of tattoo land!

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