Editorial Battles

The other bald one and I have come up with an idea that will pit our wits against one another in a clash of the keyboards-style extravaganza: the editorial battle.

The crux of this here concept is that we’ll take a topic each month and flip a coin to see which of us gets the ‘pro’ argument and whom has to defend the subject from attack. Now, here comes the fun part…

Nothing in the tattoo world is out of bounds in this game. No matter whether we’re really for or against an argument, one of us must yield and attempt to mount a convincing counter-attack and play devil’s advocate. I won’t reveal what the first topic of debate is (because it’s for the hallowed pages of Tattoo Revolution Magazine issue 3!) but we’re looking for any incendiary subject matter that you would like to see dissected.

Email your ideas to info@tattoorevolutionmagazine.com and see if we cross literary swords over your question in the coming months!

Lastly, here’s some gorgeous and totally unrelated artwork from Elvin Yong…just because.

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  1. This sounds class! And Elvin Yong’s a dude as well, did a great interview with him a short while ago 😉

    Aaaaah I just noticed the link to Tattoosday UK! You’re awesome dude- expect one back when I get to writing later on 😉

    • Thanks kiddo, that’d be greatly appreciated! I love Elvin’s work; seriously smooth and clean.

  2. There is a similar column in Linux Journal magazine. You might check it out just for style and layout ideas.


    • Thanks, John. Back when I was involved with music journalism, we used to do the same thing with a single and it always made for interesting reading…hopefully we can do the same!

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