Tattoo Auctions

Jamie Gardiner has taken an admirable stand against the lack of control surrounding tattoo supplies and started his own site for trading tattoo equipment: Tattoo Auctions. “Basically, I think the need for a tattoo specific auction site has been on the cards for a while now,” says Jamie. “Various petitions have been sent in the UK & US to eBay and other auction sites to stop the sale of tattoo equipment to the unregistered and have fallen on deaf ears.”
“I came up with the idea of giving them an alternative, a place where they can still list their items for auction, but in a place where they know the equipment is going to professional hands and people who know what they are doing. As a tattoo artist myself I have seen the damage done when anyone one can buy a so-called ‘professional kit’ from
another auction site and start tattooing. It’s ruining the industry and the art form, and it’s also polluting the general public’s idea of what a tattoo can look like.”

Tattoo Auctions appears to be the first site of its kind; there are plenty of professional-only supply companies, but no auction sites. As Jamie says, “People will still always use auctions sites, so why not an ethical one?”

The site has a number of items that tattooists can buy or sell, including: machines; grips; tips; clothing; ultrasonics; needles; books; art; autoclaves; power supplies; tattoo inks; flash; sketchbooks; and a miscellaneous section for all of those odd bits and pieces. We’re glad to see an auction site that takes the sale of tattoo equipment seriously and will enforce an ethical angle to transactions. Registered tattoo artists can head to now to see what’s on offer.

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