First off, I wouldn’t normally go to the effort of screen dumping my questions, but Sarah is cooler than all of you 😉

To be honest Sarah, I get asked this a fair bit and my answer is new every time, so I wouldn’t take it as canon, haha. I guess my favourite thing about my tattoos is just kind of adding to a collection. You don’t have to have tattoos to appreciate them, but it’s super cool to be able to say, “hey, you see this tattoo? No one has one of these, I’m fucking limited edition”, haha. I do love the fact that I’ve been introduced to a really awesome community of tattooists, writers and collectors, but I could have done this job without having my own tattoos. It’d be a billion times harder, but I could still manage it, probably just writing more about art exhibits and prints.

I think it’s just having an awesome piece of art you can take everywhere with you, like a photo in a wallet, I guess.

As for how I got involved with it all, it all boils down to a groovy guy called Bill Cohen, who writes the American Tattoosday blog. I’d always been interested in tattoos since I was around 14/15, and read tattoo artists’ blogs and magazines, but it wasn’t until I realised that anyone with a passion for it and an ability to write can set up their own blog. I think then it became a passion. Especially after I realised that an interest isn’t enough, there are a few ethical issues I hate to dwell on, and a lot a writer has to know about tattooing and what makes a good tattoo. I guess the passion’s really more about learning as much as I can and being as good as my peers, such as Marisa Kakoulas and Alex Guest.

Sorry, massive answer, but I really am trying to put off working for this dissertation.

I’m showing some love for this post, mostly because Mel’s a good friend who runs Tattoosday UK and is a great tattoo journalist, but also a little because I’m so humbled at being mentioned. 

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