Radio 1 Can Be Educational

Please don’t judge me, but on the drive home from the Halloween Tattoo Bash I had Radio 1 blasting in an attempt to keep my eyes open. The usual mixture of shocking music and inane banter did the trick and as the car ate up the motorway miles, one caller did catch my attention.

He professed that his goal was to be a tattoo artist and…stay with me, I promise this isn’t going the way these rants usually go… and that he was eager to chase his dreams.

“Do you have any tattoos?” asked Fearne Cotton, presiding over the call-in.

“No, not yet” was his response: “I’m only 17.”

“Well, that’s good; you should wait until you’re 18 because it’s illegal before then,” chimes in Fearne.

Shit the bed. My respect for Miss Cotton shot up tenfold. However, she had more in the tank.

“So, you’re spending your time putting together a portfolio and drawing lots, are you?” she asks our wannabe tattooist. He affirms that he is.

“Well, good luck with it all, fella.”

It’s fortuitous that Fearne isn’t averse to a spot of dermal decoration and knew more than a little about the subject at hand, and I was genuinely impressed that daytime radio had informed the listening masses that tattooing of minors is actually not just a bit shady, but against the law.

Good news such as this demands a random image from our collection!

Nikko Hurtado @ Black Anchor Collective, CA, USA

I’m still all about BBC 6 Music, though.

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