Yin-Yang? Sorry, I Thought You Said Wang…

People often say that you get the tattoo that you deserve, but following the story emerging from Australia about a guy that ended up with a penis tattooed on his back, you have to wonder what he did to earn himself an indelible 40cm phallus.

Apparently, the client and scratcher (police have said that he was not a registered artist – no, really) had a few cross words prior to the tattoo – the design originally specified was apparently a yin-yang symbol – and the wannabe artist allegedly decided to get rather creative with the artwork. The wearer of said tattoo also claims that he was punched and thrown out of the house (yes, house) soon after the tattoo’s completion. All I could think was…that’s one hell of a row that leaves you with a giant c*ck tattooed on your back. No doubt further details shall emerge and we’ll keep you posted on how it develops, and you can read the breaking news here.

We’ll return to something with slightly more artistic merit tomorrow; this story was just too bizarre to pass up.

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