Another Clash With Reality?

Ladies and gentlemen, casting is now under way for another tattoo reality television show – NY Ink, anyone?

Here it is, posted from



Original Media, producers of hit television shows Miami Ink and LA Ink, are casting for a new tattoo series set in New York City. We are looking for outgoing and talented tattoo artists, apprentices, and shop managers in the New York and surrounding areas to be a part of a brand new crew headed by one of the biggest names in the tattoo world. If you are energetic, opinionated, funny, and passionate about tattooing, then we are looking for you.

If you are interested in auditioning


Please put “Tattoo Artist” in the subject title

Please include your name, where you live, about your experience with tattoo, where you presently work, your photos and photos of your artwork (if available) and why you would be perfect for the show.

Any takers?

Personally, I’ll wait with bated breath for a stellar and true tattoo program to emerge (in a form similar to Ink Wars), but I don’t think that will happen unless it comes from within the tattoo world. Until the editing suite is staffed by those who experience a real tattoo studio on a daily basis, a true picture can never be painted. To be fair, the likes of Miami/LA/London Ink are a huge departure from some of the latest programs to splatter across our screens, so perhaps I should reserve judgement and see if they alter the format that’s been established in previous outings What do you think, good folk of tattoo land?

Oh dear, it’s hump day – perhaps I should have saved this post until a later date. Are you feeling a little unsure about this news and need some wholesome tattoo goodness to iron out your chi? Worry not, I’ve the perfect cure right here…Uncle Allan’s latest work.

Hell yes, that’s the stuff.

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