As she was flicking through a recent baby and parenting magazine (you know what they say, forewarned is forearmed) my partner cast her beady eye across a column from a ‘celebrity mother’ – you know, because they are so much more interesting than regular mothers – who briefly mentioned that she’d been approached with a tattoo apprenticeship but for one reason and another had to turn it down.

What the hell? Are apprenticeships now offered out to anyone who has had fifteen minutes of fame? I know the person in question is an accomplished musician but I’ve never seen or heard her allude to a love of art. What would make anyone a great candidate for learning the craft of tattooing when they have no portfolio or art background at all? Oh, that’s right, a public profile: god forbid we should see talented and hungry ‘regular’ people pursuing an apprenticeship.

Yes, my blood pressure is rocketing and this delectable cup of tea I have before me may repel the urge to type in capital letters, but seriously, why? Why do we need more people brought into tattooing and (to paraphrase Lyle Tuttle) become enchanted by a world they have no right to be a part of? Perhaps it’s a problem with our society at large: too many people demand and expect and would rather wait for opportunity to knock than pursue it themselves.

Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” The same is true of opportunity…or at least it is for us mere mortals.

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