This Ain’t A Scene

I feel bad for another post that appears to condemn the actions of others, as I don’t wish to to be overbearing or ‘holier than thou’. It’s more a case of drawing attention to how your actions could be construed by your peers (and not in a ‘the opinions of other people should dictate what you do’ way, more ‘this doesn’t look too great for you’ way). Here, this video should illustrate what I mean perfectly.

Is that enough of a bumbling precursor? I hope so! Oh, and once again, the views expressed here are my own personal opinion and as such make no reference to people, places or actual events that may or may not have happened, because litigation too often stifles the right to fair comment. Allegedly.

Our old friend has allegedly made another appearance this weekend in the capacity of judge for a series of tattoo competitions, which, from the many references I’ve seen on Facebook, has not gone down well amongst the good people of the tattoo community. Why should it? The position of a judge is one that many people feel should only be taken by tattoo artists: failing that, people with knowledge of what constitutes a great tattoo and can sort the wheat from the chaff…*cough*tattoo journalists*cough*… It’s not something that should be taken lightly, and as my media teacher used to say, anything worth doing is worth being done to the highest standard.

So, basically, I’d implore the organisers of the convention at which this event may or may not have happened to carefully consider whom they select to sit on the judging panel in future. Consider the implications of your actions and how they may be construed by your peers and your demographic. That poor kid in the above video no doubt lives by those rules nowadays.

To the alleged judge, I’d just like to say: We’re not a ‘scene’, and we’re not here to be exploited. Go away and draw, draw, draw, and then draw some more. Come back again in twelve months or so and bring a floor brush and some humility…we’ll see how you go.

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