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Whilst it’s true that change is the only constant, our latest change wasn’t the kind we had planned for…

We recently made a certain bejewelled tattoo clothier aware of our intentions to release Tattoo Times Magazine and as we were aware that he published a magazine bearing a similar title during the 1980s and early 90s, we thought it was prudent and respectful to make him aware of our intentions. The magazine published by this mogul was a revelation in the tattoo world and forged the way ahead for the slew of magazines to follow in its wake. We didn’t foresee any problems arising from a defunct publication bearing a different name. Sadly, this was not the case.

We received word just days ago that the original publisher’s attorneys had been consulted and that they were “concerned that there might be brand confusion” and that reprints of the defunct magazine were planned later this year. We were advised to alter the title of our publication lest we put ourselves “at risk”: the undertones of these words are ample warning of what would ensue should we press ahead in our current guise. We have neither the time, the inclination nor the resources to argue the legitimacy of these claims in a legal context and so once again, the little guy has to yield.

So what’s the outcome of this latest development? A title change for ourselves.

Tattoo Revolution Magazine

It’s the name we’ve chosen to reflect the change we believe the tattoo world needs, as the increasing mainstream attention and subsequent dilution affecting tattooing appears to be worsening. There are too many people who are eager to take what they can from this enchanted world and give nothing back, who view tattooing as a commodity to be exploited and drained as though it were an oil well. Not all fall under this umbrella and there are many who rightly enjoy the fruits of their labours, but these individuals are heavily outnumbered and we stand by our original mission statement to give what we can back to the tattoo community, in any way we can.

Please, spread the word and let all those who love tattooing know that change is coming at the end of October.

Tattoo Revolution Magazine – A publication for the future of tattooing

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